Our Clients

Here are some example clients on our books, and details of the work we do to support them.

Client: Music Department for a large Secondary School and Sixth Form College

As the sole administrative support for the music department at this large secondary school and sixth form college, our primary goal is to provide direct support to the Head of Music and peripatetic tutors employed to deliver instrumental lessons to over 160 students. This entails taking care of tasks ranging from scheduling timetables, invoicing parents, managing payments, ParentPay administration, coordinating residential trips and performances, and communicating with parents, pupils, music services, tutors and staff at school.

Clients: Peripatetic Music Teachers, both employed and self employed

Our subsidiary Sound Roots is our own in-house Music Service, supplying peripatetic tutors to provide instrumental lessons, along with the the necessary administrative support to ensure this burden is not placed on schools or parents, and as such we have built a great relationship with a number of schools, allowing us to facilitate the provision of instrumental lessons for many students. We also work in close contact with Music Hubs to help ensure all children have equal access to instrumental lessons, by accessing government funding designed to provide free lessons in schools. In our role we correspond with schools, Music Hubs, parents and tutors, prepare timetables and invoices and facilitate in the provision of free ‘loan’ instruments for funded instrumental tuition.

Clients: Performance Artists and Ensembles

We have worked closely with performance artists and ensembles for many years, taking on tasks such as organising performances, contacting event teams and agents and liaising with them, invoicing, monitoring and actioning mailbox items from mailing lists and event website listings, creating websites and maintaining them regularly, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) management and social media management. As our performance artists are quite often touring, we ensure that everything runs smoothly for them. We also continuously keep calendars up to date and invoice for events that have taken place.

Clients: small businesses requiring website design, maintenance and social media management

We have created many websites, which are all updated regularly to ensure that our clients’ online presence is maintained. Depending on the nature of the business and the purpose of the website, this can involve anything from publishing online calendars and events (which includes designing custom flyers to showcase their work), to uploading and updating products and services available online or by appointment, integrating appointments and POS software, SEO management to ensure websites reach their maximum target audience, social media management and much more.

If there’s a task you need assistance with, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask how we can help!